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International Laboratory of Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics

Geometric Methods in Physics XXXVI

Orlov A. Y.

Springer, 2019.

On Solutions of the Fuji-Suzuki-Tsuda System

Gavrylenko P., Iorgov N., Lisovyy O.

Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA). 2018. Vol. 14. P. 1-27.

Book chapter

Лосев И. В.

In bk.: Lie Groups, Geometry, and Representation Theory. A Tribute to the Life and Work of Bertram Kostant. Vol. 326. Birkhäuser, 2018. Ch. 11. P. 273-314.

Working paper
Cluster Toda chains and Nekrasov functions

Bershtein M., Gavrylenko P., Marshakov A.

arxiv.org. math. Cornell University, 2018

The main objective of the laboratory is to develop a common approach to a variety of issues at the interface between the theory of integrable systems and representation theory of quantum and infinite-dimensional groups and algebras.

Research are conducted in several inter-related directions and involves close cooperation between mathematicians and mathematical physicists.

These areas include:

  1. Quantum cohomology in the theory of integrable systems;
  2. Questions of mirror symmetry;
  3. Multidimensional hypergeometric functions and geometric representation theory;
  4. Elliptic conformal blocks and elliptic hypergeometric functions;
  5. Geometric Langlands correspondence;
  6. Combinatorial development, homology and geometric methods in the theory of moduli spaces of various geometric and analytic structures with applications to problems of mathematical physics.