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International Laboratory of Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics

Lectures on Dispersionless Integrable Hierarchies

Takebe T.

Tokyo: Research Center for Mathematical Physics, Rikkyo Universty, 2014.

Scalar products of Bethe vectors in models with gl(2|1) 2. Determinant representation

Hutsalyuk A., Lyashik A., Pakuliak S. et al.

Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. 2017. Vol. 50. No. 3. P. 34004 .

Working paper
Kernels of conditional determinantal measures

Bufetov A. I., Шамов А., Qiu Y.

math. arxive. Cornell University, 2016

The main objective of the laboratory is to develop a common approach to a variety of issues at the interface between the theory of integrable systems and representation theory of quantum and infinite-dimensional groups and algebras.

Research are conducted in several inter-related directions and involves close cooperation between mathematicians and mathematical physicists.

These areas include:

  1. Quantum cohomology in the theory of integrable systems;
  2. Questions of mirror symmetry;
  3. Multidimensional hypergeometric functions and geometric representation theory;
  4. Elliptic conformal blocks and elliptic hypergeometric functions;
  5. Geometric Langlands correspondence;
  6. Combinatorial development, homology and geometric methods in the theory of moduli spaces of various geometric and analytic structures with applications to problems of mathematical physics.

Congratulations to Igor Makhlin with the defense of a thesis!

The staff of the laboratory of representation theory and mathematical physics congratulates the trainee-researcher of the laboratory of Igor Makhlin and his supervisor — B. L. Feigin with the successful defense of a thesis!

Seminar on Mathematical physics

Seminar on Mathematical physics will now be held under the joint auspices of the HSE, Department of mathematics and
Centre for policy studies Skoltech - in view of the further joint
educational and scientific activities.

Andrey Okunkov Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Andrey Okunkov, Academic Supervisor of the International Laboratory of Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics, has been elected fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences.